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Paul and Terra have written three full-length books presenting holistic perspectives upon human communities.


Our most recent piece is:
Massive Information & Other Short Works to Dethrone Descartes.

Massive Information (MI) is a collection of essays in radically holistic ecology.

MI advocates for an ecological mindset by demonstrating that all information has mass according to the equation E=ktI=mc2 (where E is energy, I is information, and m is mass). This relationship describes the physical embodiment of information, and implies that relationships between elements in a system—by containing information—are indelible realities. Any reductionist attempt to break apart ecological systems destroys these relationships and invalidates much of the resulting analysis. MI thus defeats the reductionist, mechanical worldview on its own Cartesian chessboard and then outlines the basic characteristics of the holistic ecological mindset that results from mass/information equivalence.

The book is slightly technical, but short enough to be easily penetrable. The stories are quite human.

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Sacred Violence: A Family's Quest to Uproot Hitman Culture

Sacred Violence (2017) is an autobiographical account of Paul and Terra's quest to become more closely connected to their own basic needs. When they met in 2001, they shared the recognition that the economic systems that supported their lives were inherently violent, and they began to seek ways to extract themselves from participation in what they have termed "hitman culture." Sacred Violence is their story of committed and direct relationship to the natural world so that they can produce their basic needs with minimum exportation of violence. The book is simultaneously light, thought provoking, engaging, and easy to read. (Excerpts available on sidebar.)

"With Sacred Violence, Paul Feather and Terra Currie have illuminated the ways our everyday lives often empower the very systems we protest. Even more importantly, they offer us a way to contemplate our own personal avenues out of supporting these systems and provide the basis for building and redirecting our resources to local systems that can sustain us and the next generation. Thoughtful, humorous, and nonjudgmental, Sacred Violence is a life-affirming joy to read."
—Megan Bell, Co-Owner, Underground Books and Hills & Hamlets Bookshop

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Sacred Violence has now been assigned as required reading in courses at the University of West Georgia and at Appalachian State University, where one student testifies, "I don't know if I have ever connected so hard with a piece of literature...Seriously, this book is amazing!"

QJBook (208K)

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Quantum Justice: Theories and Theatrics for the Ecozoic Era

Quantum Justice (2018) explores the imbalanced cosmology that is the root cause of social and environmental injustice. Human activity is largely driven by our Newtonian/Cartesian mechanical stories of the world, and these stories are quite different from the modern physical models of relativity and quantum mechanics. Quantum Justice sketches a map of the world that is consistent with these modern theories and finds many parallels between that map and the worldview described by some of the surviving traditional and indigenous cosmology.

The main thrust of QJ is to consider human behavior as a function of the stories that coordinate human cooperation. Injustice is defined as the presence of structural privilege granted to any person by those stories. The stories themselves are presented as massive resonating wave structures of which every person is a quantum element. All of this is interwoven with a symbolic theatrical piece that addresses the same themes and ideas.

Our newest book, Massive Information should be regarded as a prequel to QJ. MI better lays the foundations of our ecological map of the world. Although accurate, QJ lacked the precise definition that readers will find in MI; the newer work benefits from research that Paul has done in the time since QJ was written. Readers of QJ will also benefit from and enjoy the reading of The Universe Story by Swimme and Berry; The Tao of Physics by Frijtof Capra; The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler; Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldúa; and We Have the Right to Exist by Wub-e-ke-niew—all of which shaped the content of QJ. We are also available to address specific questions, contact us.

Please enjoy this short video describing Quantum Justice.