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Food and Seed Availability


Last updated: 4/11/20

Full Life Farm has been dedicated to building resilience in the food system since 2007. In response to this crisis, we are offering free seed to anyone who has become unemployed during the economic shutdown. Our only request is that the seed not be wasted. Please don't accept seed that you won't plant!

All seed has been grown and saved at Full Life Farm, is tested for germination, and will be labeled with expected germination rates. If you have seed that you would like to donate to people who have lost employment during shutdown, we are willing to facilitate the distribution of that seed; please contact us. All seed must be packed for 2020 or tested for germination. Distribution of bad seed is the opposite of helpful!! Thank you!

Available now


More seed will soon be available, and this list will be continually updated. We will also be offering food as inexpensively as possible as soon as we can

We are also happy to provide advice or consultation. Please contact us. Good luck!