Paul and Terra


We want to help you be more connected to your food, your body, and your sovereignty. We believe that living simply and meeting our basic needs in direct relationship with the land is ethical, sane, and liberating. We have both been teaching about permaculture, farm design, natural building, water systems, food preservation, butchering/slaughtering, home economics, seed saving, primitive skills, and many other subjects for over twenty years. Since we started our farm in 2007, we have hosted well over one hundred resident interns.

Friday Classes

We are not currently taking resident interns, but we are offering informal teaching sessions every Friday, usually on earthen and natural building. Please contact us if you would like to join us on a Friday session.

Birth Classes

Terra offers birth classes for expecting families, and more information about those services is available here.

Homeschool Support

We are also offering on-farm homeschool support for children of all ages.

poplar1 poplar2 poplar3

Harvesting poplar bark for baskets!