Paul and Terra
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Thinning carrots with Roots of Life
(Gotta love the homeschool crowd in full regalia!)
We're excited to welcome a new venture in holistic education to our farm! Roots of Life is now enrolling children ages 3-6. Check them out!

Roots of Life acknowledges and nurtures the holistic and spiritual development of children by allowing learning to naturally unfold through daily life activities, play, and experiences in nature.


Paul and Terra offer on-farm homeschool support for children of all ages. Wizard school is currently Tuesday through Thursday to correspond with our friends' schedule at Roots of Life.

Roots of Life

Andrea and Camden have an extensive background in holistic education that includes a two-year stint at the holistic Roong Aroon school in Bangkok, Thailand and a cross-country research epedition to holistic schools around the United States. We are very grateful for this opportunity to work alongside them and for the synergy between this project and our homeschool work.

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Zinnia teaching Roots of Life students how to make bread.

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Sweet potatoes are roots of life 'round here.

Birth Classes

Terra offers birth classes for expecting families, and more information about those services is available here.

Homeschool Support

In addition to supporting Roots of Life, Terra and Paul continue to offer on-farm homeschool support for children of all ages. Wizard School is currently Tuesday to Thursday along with Roots of Life!

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Harvesting poplar bark for baskets!