Paul and Terra


Full Life Farm is an ecological experiment established by Paul and Terra in 2007 on five acres in the lower piedmont of the Appalachian mountains. We have since grown to a little over eleven acres. Most of the farm is wooded, with Loblolly pine being the largest species in most areas.

We cultivate annual and perennial food crops, and some herbs. We have generally incorporated chickens, goats, and occasionally pigs into our lives, although we have also spent long periods without these animals. We promote food production at least lightly on about two acres, with most of the production concentrated in three areas comprising about one acre all together.

We do not control pests or disease except by handpicking insects, attention to a healthy environment, and selection of strong genetics. We do use fencing to control the movement of animals. We do not use machines for farming with the exception of a truck.

We currently produce about 75% of our family's food, with enough extra for gifts, barter, and some wholesaling. Our most significant inputs are small grains for our own diet, some dairy or substitutes when the goats aren't in milk, winter feed for animals, and organic materials like leaves or manure when we haven't kept animals.

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